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​Nick Hodgetts BSc MSc


I am an experienced botanist specialising in bryophytes (mosses and liverworts). I have degrees in botany and plant taxonomy, a background in the Wildlife Trusts and the UK statutory conservation sector and have been a self-employed botanical consultant since 2001. My work covers botanical survey, monitoring, writing, taxonomy and teaching. I have considerable experience in conservation, including Red Listing at national and international level. I am a past President of the British Bryological Society (2016-17), ex-chair of the European Committee for the Conservation of Bryophytes (2012-23), and ex-chair of my local Scottish Wildlife Trust group.

I am co-author of the New Naturalist Mosses & Liverworts volume.

As well as 40+ years working on the British and Irish flora, I have considerable experience of the wider European flora, taken part in several bryological expeditions to Africa, and bryologised in central America and Macaronesia.

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