Nick Hodgetts BSc MSc


I am an experienced botanist specialising in bryophytes (mosses and liverworts). I have degrees in botany and plant taxonomy, a background in the Wildlife Trusts and the UK statutory conservation sector and have been a self-employed botanical consultant since 2001. My work covers botanical survey, monitoring, writing, taxonomy and teaching. I have considerable experience in conservation, including Red Listing at national and international level. I am currently President of the British Bryological Society, chair of the European Committee for the Conservation of Bryophytes, and chair of my local Scottish Wildlife Trust group.

I am co-author of the New Naturalist Mosses & Liverworts volume.

As well as 30+ years working on the British and Irish flora, I have considerable experience of the wider European flora, taken part in several bryological expeditions to Africa, and bryologised in central America and Macaronesia.


If it's wildlife photography you need, please consider contacting my son Tom (see Links page).